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Pure provides non-permanent solutions across each of our specialist disciplines, with our largest offering in tax

Interim appointments can offer a solution in a variety of circumstances including headcount restrictions, short term skill shortages, workload peaks, project work, MBOs and IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, sabbaticals and maternity leave.

Our experienced consultants have an established track record of delivery for interim requirements and Pure is able to offer a range of services to clients and candidates including payrolling, PAYE and timesheet submission, in addition to guidance on relevant legislation such as the AWR. 

Timesheet Portal

Pure runs an online timesheet system for our contractors and clients.

Please note that the deadline for timesheets to be submitted AND approved is Monday 4pm.

If you are an existing user please use the login below:

For our contractors

Entering your timesheet via this electronic portal will ensure that your timesheet is processed faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

Login as often as you like and complete your timesheets.

Once you have completed your timesheet press the 'request approval' button and the system will send an email to your manager to let them know that your timesheet is ready for approval.

For our clients

This electronic timesheet portal offers a secure interface for you to view and approve all of the timesheets from your contractors in one place.

The portal is secured by a username and password. Sign off can only be processed via entry of a secure pin.